Product placement

We offer to use reference or image of your company’s product or brand in the films by our production studiothrough ‘product

placement’. Product placement lets us promote the brand (products and services) softly, so the customers won’t feel any abruption.

We can include the reference or brand (product or services) into the plot, where it’ll play its own role.



The advertisement law clause 2 part 9 allows to “refer to the product, its individualization means, refer to the manufacturer or to

the distributor; references can be integrated into the science, literature or art pieces, unless they are information of advertizing


Concerning a big amount of restrictions for advertisement our offer is going to be one of the most interesting for product placement

of your company’s product and services for the targeted audience. We will offer several options of episodes with a reference to your

product included into the plot. This is the most interesting type of presentation for your product and services, there are no such

offers in Ufa.