"Ural Movie Park" Studio offers the full cycle production of commercials.


We offer commercials production – effective commercials meant for new customer funnel. 

Diving into the sphere, specifity insight, modern technologies used for production provide

economically and informatively effective E2E commercials.


Уфимскому радио 90 лет. Партизаны

Ufa radio’s 90. Partisans.

Шах и мат мужскому бессилию

Checkmate to the men's impotence.


Quartet – Bashkir State Philharmonic has the new sound.  

Буринтех - ролик

Burintekh – “Biathlon - 2012"

Ресурсы земли не безграничны

The Planet’s Resources aren’t limitless

Башинформ - подписка на прессу

Bashinform - subscribtion

Буринтех - Мы созданы для Победы!

Burintekh We’re born to Win!