«Looking for Akbuzat»

В поисках Акбузата (1 серия)

«Looking for Akbuzat» 1 episode

В поисках Акбузата (2 серия)

«Looking for Akbuzat» 2 episode

В поисках Акбузата (3 серия)

«Looking for Akbuzat» 3 episode

В поисках Акбузата (4 серия)

«Looking for Akbuzat» 4 episode



Documentary film

The film tells about mysteries of the Shulgan Tash Cave through epic story “Ural Batyir”.


The film – looking for Akbuzat, the mythic horse – was shot on the territory of Bashkortostan with its beautiful unique landscapes. The audience can also see underwater filming (diving). The film has two plotlines: mystic and scientific, they tell the story of the Urals, the story of the Deluge, the cultic Shulgan Tash Cave and subsoil waters.

Author of idea, Producer, Camera Director, Camera Director — Riyaz Iskhakov.

Sci-fi film “Looking for Akbuzat” was nominated “the best film of the 1st Transregional Telefestival “Zemlya I luidi/The Earth and people”, that took place in Ufa. The sci-fi film, based on the traditional Bashkir epic story “Ural Batyir” was produced by the R.I.Production Studio in celebration of 450th anniversary of Bashkortostan voluntary annexation to Russia. Directed by Riyaz Iskhakov, Screenplay by  Shaura Shakurova.