«That's all Robert»

«That's all Robert»</span>


Multi-part film commissioned by JSC "Ufanet" www.thatsallrobert.com



Robert is a regular teacher. His daughter is sick. The only way to save her life is an urgent operation in a foreign hospital. So Robert needs a lot of money. Accidentally he becomes an accomplice in both an ATM robbery and a drug-dealer murder, which makes him a target for the head of the city’s criminal world – Han’s target. Now he needs even more money to tackle with mobsters. But is he able of committing a real crime and is he a lawbreaker now? What happens if what he’d done saves his daughter?


  • Alexander Sergeev
  • Marat Khasanov
  • Polina Zinovieva
  • Nataliya Panova
  • Alexander Grishin
  • Ramil Sabitov
  • Boris Khasanov
  • Timur Latyipov
  • Arthur Khakimov
  • Anna Burmistrova
  • Vladislav Vetrov
  • Roman Bogdanov
  • Andei Afanasiev

Genre: criminal drama

Directed by Andrei Linich

Camera director: Riyaz Iskhakov

General producer: Marat akhmetshin

Executive producer: Riyaz Iskhakov

Screenplay by Aidar Akmanov, Dmitrii Rezaiev, Andrei Linich

Casting director: Eduard Galeev

Art director: Albert Nesterov

Original score by/ chief sound director: Marat Faizullin

Picture editor: Ilnur Sarbaev.