"Ural Movie Park" Studio offers locations for filming on the South of the Urals.

Mountains and cliffs of the Southern Urals, mixed and softwood forests, mountain and plain stream

rivers, big and small lakes, moors, waterfalls, caves, canyons, enterprises and landfills – here is the

incomplete list of the locations we can offer; the list is based on our own 20 year long nature

filming experience in Bashkortostan.


Locations in Bashkortostan are unique:

A variety of landscape (from the boundless moors to the taiga and alpine meadows),pronounced

seasonality, the neighborhood of a developed infrastructure with untouched,primordial natural objects,

without traces of human activity. ‘Eternal Call", "Golden River", "Missing Expedition",

"Rider on a Golden Horse" - these famous films were shot in the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Based on the ideas and objectives of the project, we will choose and offer the best location

option for the filming, we will get the permissive documentation; build the logistics of the

movement of the crew, help in resolving the issues of accommodation and meals.